Our Projects

Cuppa Change has several projects to which it has contributed, or to which it is contributing at the moment:

  • MHP Builds Kenyan School: A new schoolhouse and latrine in Enelerai, Kenya, fundraised by Morningside-High Park Presbyterian Church, and built by Free the Children, including classroom, healthcare and alternative income support for that school and its community.  Read more here.
  • Earl Grey Upgrades Haitian School: Fundraised for by Earl Grey Public School, this project earthquake-proofed an existing school in Terre Cassée, Haiti.  The project also included the purchase of school supplies and support for the school community’s health and alternative income initiatives.  Read more here.
  • MHP Supports SLF: Fundraising by Morningside-High Park Presbyterian Church in support of the work of the SLF in Africa, relieving the suffering caused by the AIDS crisis.  Read more here.
  •  Cuppa Changes Supports Ryan’s Well Foundation: Supporting the Ryan’s Well Foundation by contributing the profits from all sales not directly associated with a particular project to Ryan’s Well Foundation.  Read more here.
  • Bedford Park Funds Clean Water in Kenya: Starting in April, 2012, Bedford Park Public School is running a Cuppa Change drive to support a Free the Children safe drinking water initiative in Kenya.  The clean water component of FTC’s Adopt a Village model provides communities with localized clean water sources and also frees children of their daily treks to collect water so that they can attend school. Read more here.

Help us add to this list by launching your own Cuppa Change project!
Learn how here.


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