Alternative Grounds

From the Alternative Grounds website:

 “We do not see you as buyers whose primary responsibility is to buy our coffee. We see you as partners who have taken on the major responsibility of treating farmers as equals.” 

–          Carlos Murillo, General Manager of Coocafe.

Toronto’s Alternative Grounds and Roastery was launched in 1995.  Pre-dating fair-trade certification, Alternative Grounds came out of a concern for social justice, locally as well as globally.  Sixteen years later, they continue to offer custom roasted certified fair-trade and organic coffee to their clientele, through their café at 333 Roncesvalles Avenue in Toronto, as well as to their wholesale, mail-order and fundraising supporters.  They are proud owner/members of Cooperative Coffees through which they promote direct trade, transparency, on-going dialogue and support, long-term relationships and best practices with their producer partners around the world.

About Fair Trade:

Alternative Trade, now more commonly known as fair trade, began as a movement that sought to address issues of social and economic injustice in the coffee market. Traditionally, small coffee farmers have been forced into exploitive relationships with local “coyotes” or middlemen, to whom they sold their coffee, often at less then the cost of production.  This in turn perpetuated a cycle of poverty, tying the farmer to the “coyote” for loans to produce next years crop, or put food on the table.  Those without land were often caught in the same cycle of poverty working for less-than-living wages picking coffee on large estates.  Fair trade is one powerful mechanism that can help break the cycle of poverty and build self-sufficiency and community strength.

Alternative Grounds Store Hours
M – T: 7am – 7pm
F: 7am – 7pm
S: 8am – 7pm
S: 8am – 7pm

Alternative Grounds
333 Roncesvalles Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M6R 2M8
(416) 534-5543



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