MHP Makes a Cuppa Change to Habitat for Humanity Toronto’s Upcoming Build on Runnymede Road… and launches Cuppa Change’s First Local Development Project.

Morningside-High Park Presbyterian Church (MHP), in the heart of Toronto’s Swansea neighbourhood, is lending a helping hand to Habitat for Humanity Toronto’s upcoming build on nearby Runnymede Road.  MHP is fundraising for the project in various ways, including adding its Cuppa Change profits from September-December, 2013, to the effort.

To date, Cuppa Change has been focused on international projects.  The Habitat for Humanity Toronto project will be MHP’s, and Cuppa Change’s, first local development project.  And we’re so excited about it!

Between 2005 and 2008, through coffee sales and many generous donations, MHP raised $15,470 to build a schoolhouse in Kenya, through Free the Children.  MHP’s Cuppa Change program also paid for the schoolteacher’s salary for 2 years, built a latrine, and supported the school community with alternative income programs and health and immunization initiatives.

Since then, through Cuppa Change coffee sales and generous donations, MHP has raised over $8,000 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s extraordinary work on the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa.

Habitat for Humanity Toronto helps low-income families build and buy simple, decent quality affordable homes though a no-interest, no-profit mortgage, with payments set at less than 30 percent of gross income.  This solution not only helps to provide available housing for families in need, it enables low-income families to build assets, reduce their dependence on other forms of social assistance and break the cycle of poverty.

Habitat for Humanity Toronto’s project at 828 Runnymede Road will be a 2-story, detached home for a large family, and will break ground in Fall, 2013, with an aim for completion in Spring, 2014.  It will be the only single detached home built by Habitat Toronto in 2013/2014, and the charity’s first-ever Runnymede-area build.

We encourage the Swansea and Bloor West Village community – and anyone else who likes great fair trade coffee, tea, hot chocolate and chocolate bars from Alternative Grounds – to participate in Morningside-High Park Presbyterian Church’s Cuppa Change program.

Cuppa Change coffee can be ordered using MHP’s order form, available for download right on this site (scroll to the bottom of the webpage – the order forms are there).  It’s easy and fun, and you can feel great about participating in worthy local and international development projects, one cup at a time.

2 responses to “MHP Makes a Cuppa Change to Habitat for Humanity Toronto’s Upcoming Build on Runnymede Road… and launches Cuppa Change’s First Local Development Project.

  1. Well done! Bravo. This is a wonderful and innovative charity. Impressive.

  2. Congratulations on this new project from the AI Dunns.

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