Bedford Park Does It Again!


As another school year kicks off this week, we’d like to welcome back Bedford Park Public School to the Cuppa Change family for its third year of fundraising.

In its first year, the Cuppa Change program at Bedford Park worked with the Me to We Club to raise $530.80 for its Free The Children Clean Water Initiative in only 12 weeks.  We had great involvement from parents, children and teachers alike, and the program was promoted at both the school fashion show and at the annual Spring Concert.

Although the 2012-13 school year was a little unusual with respect to school clubs, the Me to We club at Bedford was still able to raise $416.77 towards their clean water project.  The kids got involved by learning how to organize, package and deliver the coffee throughout the school and we had great parent involvement thanks to the organizational skills of parent volunteer, Megan Segsworth.  To date, Bedford Park has raised a total of $947.57 for its clean water project, something of which everyone can be very proud.  Way to go!

cleanwaterposterIn 2013-14, Bedford Park is looking forward to running a full year of Fair Trade coffee, tea and hot chocolate deliveries, promoting the program at more and different events throughout the school year, and challenging its students to make a real difference in the world.  We can’t wait to see what they accomplish!

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