Bedford Park Fashions a Cuppa Change Launch

Last night, Bedford Park Public School officially launched its Cuppa Change initiative at the school’s fashion show event.

ImageTeacher Janet Rix made opening remarks:

In her speech, Janet referenced the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s third annual Dare to Wear Love fashion show, which took place during Toronto Fashion Week on Friday, March 16, 2012.  Dare to Wear Love is an annual fashion gala and fundraiser challenging designers to create unique couture with just six yards of African cloth.  Bedford Park’s fashion show featured fabulous and imaginative student creations, including headwear made of real grass, and a fascinating hat worn by two students at the same time, sporting the Eiffel Tower and other architectural wonders of the world.


Janet Rix is also the head of Bedford Park’s Me to We Club, and the fashion show event was used as a platform to launch the Club’s Cuppa Change project to support a clean water initiative in Kenya.

ImageWe collaborated with Bedford Park’s Me to We Club and its Parent Council to present a Cuppa Change table at the fashion show, where we offered Cuppa Change coffee – as always, the wonderful, freshly roasted and organic fair trade offerings of Alternative Grounds.  We also made order forms available to parents, teachers and the community.  After a comedy of errors with our two coffee urns blowing one fuse (Bedford Park recently celebrated its centennial, so the building is just a little old), and then a second fuse, we finally got coffee brewing – and received many compliments from all concerned.

We also took the opportunity to make a small speech before the fashion show, wherein we introduced people to Cuppa Change, got them excited about the school’s clean water project in Kenya and, finally, reminded people to get in their forms by the deadline.  Finding an event where people can hear from your team directly is a great way to launch your Cuppa Change initiative.

In the coming weeks, we’ll report more on Bedford Park’s clean water project.  Until then,  bravo students, on both your fashion, and social justice, sense.

As we packed up for the night, I passed two signs in the hallway.  The first was on a door opposite the school office.  It read:

ImageWe are big fans of teamwork – that’s how things get done.

Next, I saw a poster drawn by a Bedford Park student:

ImageCuppa Change agrees.  Go forth – and… Be nice!  Do not be mean.


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