Welcome to Cuppa Change, Bedford Park

Welcome to Cuppa Change, Bedford Park Public School.  We are thrilled to have you, and to help you fundraise for a clean water project in Kenya.

Bedford Park PS is Cuppa Change’s first new school initiative of 2012.  Opened in 1911, Bedford Park was originally a four-room, two-storey school, with just 70 pupils registered in grades 1 to 4.  Now in its 101st year of operation, Bedford Park is a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 school.  It is also an Eco School and has a student Me to We Club.

Cuppa Change will be working with Bedford Park’s Me to We Club to bring Cuppa Change to the school’s families.

As always, Cuppa Change buys its fresh, organic fair trade coffee at wholesale prices from the wonderful folk at Alternative Grounds.  Starting this April, Bedford Park PS will sell coffee on a bi-weekly basis to its families, neighbours and staff at a small mark-up, keeping the coffee at competitive prices.  One hundred percent of the profits will support the school’s Free the Children safe drinking water initiative in Kenya.  The clean water component of FTC’s Adopt a Village model provides communities with localized clean water sources and also frees children of their daily treks to collect water so that they can attend school.

Here are a few facts about the urgent need for clean water around the world:

–  Water-borne illness is the second-highest cause of childhood death in the world.

–  Almost 1 billion people worldwide do not have access to safe water.

–  About 1.8 million children die every year by drinking contaminated water resulting in diseases that cause diarrhea. That means that every day, more than 5,000 children die of water-related diseases.

–  In the developing world, diarrhea is a leading cause of illness and death among infants and children.

–  Most water-related diseases can easily be prevented with simple interventions, such as pit latrines and hand washing with soap.

–  Many children around the world – particularly girls – are denied their right to education because their schools lack private and decent sanitation facilities.  Healthier children are more effective learners, and girls who spend less time fetching water have more time for school.

–  March 22, 2012 is the United Nations’ International World Water Day.  World Water Day is held annually on March 22 to focus attention on the importance of fresh water.  The day advocates for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. Check out http://www.unwater.org/worldwaterday/campaign.html to learn more about World Water Day.

– 80 % of illnesses in the developing world are linked to poor water and sanitation.

(Sources: Unicef, UN Water, Free The Children)

Bedford Park launches its first Cuppa Change initiative in April, 2012.  The deadline for getting your forms in is Thursday, April 5.

Order forms are available now at the school, or by downloading a form here on the Cuppa Change site.  Go to the bottom of our main page, or click on Projects – Bedford Park.

Thank you, Bedford Park, for your leadership supplying clean water to children in Kenya, and for changing lives, one cup at a time.

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