Let’s Follow Robin Mednick’s Lead and Do Something.

I just read a great article by Farah Mohamed in the February 27, 2012 Globe and Mail Life Section’s “Action Figure” column. It was a profile of Robin Mednick,  Co-Founder, President and Executive Director of Pencils for Kids (P4K).

Pencils for Kids  is a Canadian charity. Its goal is to make a difference in the world by providing every child the opportunity for an education. P4K does this by partnering with communities to create sustainable educational programs, resources and infrastructure.  In 2005, Ms. Mednick heard about a school in the village of Libore, Republic of Niger, where 30 school children had to share a single pencil.

That’s when she got going. Pencils For Kids has since raised $500,000, and has managed to send more than 6,000 kilograms of classroom supplies – yes, pencils included – overseas.

Read more here.

Ms. Mednick’s get-up-and-go is the kind of thing that gets me up and going.

Who wants to start a Cuppa Change project to support Pencils for Kids?

Contact us here at cuppachange@gmail.com, and help get a new initiative started, so that thirty kids don’t have to share one pencil.  Let’s follow Robin Mednick’s lead and do something.

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