Ladies and Gentlemen… The Cuppa Change Song and Music Video

Ladies and Gentlemen, girls and boys, coffee lovers and music lovers, those wanting to participate and celebrate social change, we present to you The Cuppa Change song and music video.

As you’ve been reading in our past blogs, this project came about with the collaboration of many creative people, whom we thank deeply.  These are all people who want to change the world one cup at a time.  Please share the video with many, and let’s use it as a way to celebrate the social change we’re involved in right now – and to kick off the social change that we can bring about tomorrow.

And now, without further ado, The Cuppa Change Song and Music Video.

Here are the lyrics:

Cuppa Change
A song for Cuppa Change, composed by Celia Palli

With a drop of water you can start to make
Quite a cup of coffee that will change the way
You feel about life and boy I’ll tell you too
Making coffee’s all you’ll want to do
Taking sips and sips of this beverage
is all you really need to leverage
and now the world’s a better place to be
‘cause we made fair trade solid globally. 

Cuppa change, Cuppa change
Coffee’s never been so sweet
Cuppa change, Cuppa change
Grab a cup and I’ll pour change for you.

And let’s not forget the credits:

The Cuppa Change song:
Composed by Celia Palli
Sung by Celia Palli and Emmett Dunn
Guitar by Heather Crawford
Double Bass by Ben Miller

The Cuppa Change Video:
Directed by Arlene Hazzan Green
Produced by Claire Ross Dunn
Sound/Editing/Additional Camera by Shawn Hook-Carleton
Camera by Jake Vincent
Guitar playing on recording/Recording Engineer: Juan Valencia

With thanks to Free the Children, the Stephen Lewis Foundation and Alternative Grounds.

 If you’re interested in anything about this song, feel free to contact us at

Be the change!

5 responses to “Ladies and Gentlemen… The Cuppa Change Song and Music Video

  1. It’s awesome.

  2. I can’t tell you how much I love this! It’s such a professional production for a simple concept. I’m looking forward to the future growth of Cuppa Change!

  3. I just re-posted it on FB. Bravo on the great quality and catchy song!

  4. Christina de Auer

    WWWWWOOOWWEEEE! I am so proud of you Emmett and the rest of you also…what a wonderful project.

    love Auntie Christina

  5. AWESOME! What an amazing project and SO much talent!!
    And it’s catchy!!

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