World Aids Day: Let’s hope U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is right.

“U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton predicted last month that the world could soon see “an AIDS-free generation.””

This comes from an article in yesterday’s Globe and Mail, which you can read here.

Let’s hope she’s right.  And there is promise, but we must continue to fight the fight.  One of the organizations Cuppa Change supports is the Stephen Lewis Foundation, through its project with Morningside-High Park Presbyterian Church, which you can read about here.  Mr. Lewis is also quoted in the Globe and Mail article.

The Stephen Lewis Foundation puts the funds it raises towards work at the grassroots level to ease the suffering caused by the AIDS pandemic in Africa.  But funding must happen at the highest level as well.

Yesterday, on World Aids Day, I would have given my eyeteeth for Ms. Clinton’s prediction to be correct.  Until then, we must all continue to do everything we can do.

And thank you, Stephen Lewis, for the work that you do.

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